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Along with the ability to design and manufacture and repair racks, we listen to what you need and match your sense of urgency.








Fayette Fabrication offers a variety of ways to meet your rack and material handling needs.

At Fayette Fabrication, we listen carefully to your situation and work with you on 3D concept design, 2D detail design, prototype builds, mass production runs, limited replacement production, refurbishing old racks, or maintenance of your current rack fleet.  We have the capabilities to do all or any portion of these elements based on your specific situation.

We know the difference between automated racks, requiring precision accuracy, and refurbishing an older, existing fleet, as your specific project dictates.  We also have the capability to support and advise you as you set your budget or as you drive to achieve your project milestones.


Fayette Fabrication Services

As a provider of services to OEM and Tier One Automotive Companies, we offer the highest level of service and manufacturing for your material handling needs.

Reverse Engineering

We research your product’s construction and provide 2D and 3D designs as requested.

Engineering and Design

We work with your engineers to provide the concept, details, and specifications for your project.

Prototype Development

With your engineers, we develop and create the design and manufacturing solution to your material handling needs.

Precision Cutting & CMM Measuring

With high tech CNC machining, laser cutting, CNC bending, and robot welding, we have both high tech equipment and experienced staff to support your needs.

On-site Rack Maintenance

Using portable equipment, we offer unique rack repair services involving custom onsite welding, fabrication, and painting in order to meet your TPM Rack Requirements.

High Volume Manufacturing

We have the capability to provide high quantities in short periods of time. This includes repeat manufacturing and one-time projects.

Fayette Fabrication is a long-term partner you can trust.