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Look who is on the cover of Business Alabama! It’s Fayette Fabrication’s Mark S. McClanahan. To quote Cary Estes of BA…

“Mark McClanahan looked at the growing automotive industry in Alabama and saw a window of opportunity. And a door. And a hood.

A native of Decatur, McClanahan was living in Chicago in 2013 when he and his wife decided they were ready to move back to Alabama. Though he was running a food-service equipment business at the time, McClanahan had more than 20 years of automotive experience working for parts manufacturer Delphi-Saginaw (now known as Nexteer Automotive). And he noted that since leaving the state in 1998, the automotive industry “had gone nuts” with the influx of several international manufacturers.

“I knew there would be opportunities. So I looked around for the need. I was trying to find out what was missing,” McClanahan says. “I talked to a lot of people, including people with Mercedes, to find out what area of need wasn’t being met.”

The answer, he discovered, was the creation of steel container racks that are custom-made for large automotive parts such as windows, hoods, instrument panels and exhaust pipes. These racks have to fit specific model sizes and cannot be off by even an inch, in order to prevent damage during transport to and within the manufacturing plants.”

To read the complete article, go to http://www.businessalabama.com/Business-Alabama/February-2016/Custom-Manufacturing-by-Listening/